Indoor Air Quality


Air quality is one of the most important features in your air conditioner. Do you suffer from allergies? Have you noticed sleep disruption or experienced coughing recently? Indoor air quality is one of the most urgent risks to the general public, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. These problems are easily solved, but this task must be performed by a certified specialist.

There are several indoor air pollutants that are found in most homes. Particle allergens are always present in the air in your home. Because of different activities in the home or any issues with the HVAC system in the home, these allergens can build up, causing bad air quality and become unhealthy to anyone living in the home. Some of these include tobacco, burning candles, mold or fungus in walls or carpet, dirt, pet dander and pet hair, dust mites or any other tiny insects, pollen from outside being brought inside and wood stoves.

All of these things that affect the air quality will cause asthma attacks to be triggered to susceptible people or any allergy attacks. These allergens can harm anyone’s health by causing emphysema and lessening the lung capacity. Children, pregnant mothers and elderly people have a higher chance of developing these symptoms. By simply having an air filtration system, making sure duct work is properly sealed and that ducts are clean will help resolve most of these problems with the air quality inside the home.

There are also organic pollutants that are found to be higher inside the home than outside. This applies to homes in rural and urban areas. Some of the sources of these organic pollutants are carpet, building materials that may produce gas, plastic, varnish, hobby products, cosmetics, disinfecting materials, household cleaning products, air fresheners, degreasing materials, paint, waxes, pesticides, furniture and other synthetic materials used inside the home. These things can irritate the eyes, respiratory tract, cause dizziness, headaches, and possible memory impairment. They are also known to cause cancer in some cases. Installing green filter-less filtration systems, maintaining the temperature, using air conditioning systems and dehumidifiers and ventilating the home will help these pollutants found inside the home to be less effective to the body.

Proper duct cleaning will help with any problems with indoor air quality. When the system is cleaned, reconditioned, restored, and ventilated, it will work better, ensuring better air inside the home. This process will also allow the system to run more efficiently, costing the consumer less. When your system is clean and efficient, your health, your budget, and the environment will benefit as well.

Give us a call! We can do an assessment of your air quality and provide you with one of the best methods to kill 99% of all the germs using UV light installed inside your unit, we also spray disinfectant through your ducts and make sure the system is clean.