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A/C Installation



Sometimes, you will find that it will be beneficial to purchase a new unit, rather than pay to have your old one repaired. If our technicians recommend purchasing a new one, they will give you adequate information to assist you in buying the correct system that is best for your home, and will make sure it will benefit you by being energy and cost efficient.

Because of the years of experience they hold, and because of the fact that they are licensed, bonded, and insured, they will provide you with a quality installation, and assurance that it will be done correctly the first time.

At Autumn Air Conditioning, we install any brand. Years of experience has shown us that no matter the brand, a good installation always results in a good product.


When replacing your AC system with a high efficiency unit, your home will be cooled faster without raising your utility bill. Energy Star units meet these efficiency standards. Before deciding on a company to install your new AC unit, consider the following three things:

  • Cost of installation rates
  • Complexity of the installation
  • The size of your home

First, ask about the options Autumn Air Conditioning offers. The complexity of the new unit matters when it comes to cost. More features not only cost more, but will take longer to install. Basic units will be cheaper to install. The size of your new unit depends on the size of your home – a bigger home will need a bigger system to adequately cool.

Having air conditioning problems is something no one wants to deal with, especially during hot summer days. If you have an air conditioner that is blowing out less than cool air or no air at all, then you should give Autumn Air Conditioning a call. Just as our name suggests, we will do all we can to bring icy wind back to your home. With our AC repair service, you can ensure that you and your family are living comfortably while indoors.


Poor installation quality will lead to subpar performance levels, costing you more and shortening the life of your new AC system. Proper installation by our experienced technicians will lower your utility bills, be more energy efficient, extend the life of your new system, and optimize your family’s comfort.