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Maintenance Plans

Not only do we provide excellent repair and installation service to our customers, but we also provide regular preventative maintenance checks in the spring and fall, or whenever you need it. Regular maintenance on residential AC units helps to ward off problems with operation and helps maintain a long-lasting and energy efficient performance. With an older system, you benefit from getting it checked regularly. As time goes on, your system can become less and less energy efficient, costing you money on your utility bills, and also making it more likely to need repair.


The Bad News

Did you know that air conditioning systems can lose up to 5% of their efficiency every year? By neglecting to replace or repair broken or failing parts, that loss of efficiency keeps getting higher and so does your energy bills. If this continues, eventually you will start feeling a noticeable difference in your home. Even if you crank up the AC, it just won’t make a difference. Until your home becomes uncomfortably hot and humid or the AC stops working altogether.

The Good News

Getting regular maintenance, and replacing or repairing failing parts, will help you recover almost all of your air conditioning unit’s lost efficiency. This will mean reduced costs when you get repairs in the future, as well as lower monthly electric bills. Also remember, with the high levels of humidity in Florida, a properly working air conditioning system will dehumidify your home, reducing the risk of much bigger problems such as mold.