Florida is known as the “sunshine state” because of its warm temperatures and constant humidity. At Autumn Air Conditioning, we understand that in the winter months, there is a possibility that it can get chilly at night, even down here in Southwest Florida.

Our expert technicians are trained to handle service and repair of any heating needs your system may have. They are always ready to offer quick and thorough service to our satisfied customers.


If your home has a gas furnace that needs troubleshooting, then give us a call. We offer furnace repair services for gas and electric furnaces. In the event that we find that your system is broken beyond repair due to age or damages, we will gladly provide you with installation services. We have great recommendations for new heating systems. The HVAC technicians at Autumn Air Conditioning have worked on many different brands and models of furnaces, which means that you have a better chance of having your system repaired.


Our goal is to always have satisfied customers, therefore we try to offer advice on ways to save money and be energy efficient, even when it comes to heating in the winter months. Try to set your thermostat as low as comfortably possible to conserve energy. Also remember that when you have a number of extra people in the room, the temperature is going to rise.

Hopefully your thermostat was installed on an inside wall, and away from windows and doors. If it is on an outside wall or by a drafty area, you may want to talk to your Autumn Air Conditioning service technician about having it placed in another location in the room. And remember that any electrical devices or lamps near the thermostat will alter the temperature reading and give you inadequate information, causing your system to shut off when it needs to be on.